Holidays and Calendar Stuff

2012 Holidays
All Holidays and special days/events for year 2012.

Holidays in a certain year
Are you planning the whole year? Do you need to know the holidays and events of a certain year. Here you will see all the Holidays and events of a given year of your choice.

Special Days and Events
Learn more about special days and events throughout the year.

What Chinese Year was i Born?
Find out what Chinese Year you were born.

When is Chinese New Year?
When is Chinese New Year this year, and future years.

What Chinese Year is it?
What Chinese Year is it no, in the past and in the future?

2013 Holidays
All Holidays and special days/events for year 2013.

Specific Holiday for any Year
See how any given holiday of your choice will land on different days throughout the years.

Holiday Calendar
List of future holidays, Federal Days off, and Daylight Savings information. Great for planning the future.

Jewish Holidays
Rabbi Daniel's list of Jewish Holidays

Jewish Holiday 2012
List of all 2012 Jewish Holidays and fasts

Jewish Holiday 2013
List of all 2013 Jewish Holidays and fasts

Jewish Holiday 2014
List of all 2014 Jewish Holidays and fasts

On This Date
This fun, fact-filled calendar/almanac will fulfill the needs of amateur marketing mavens, freelance writers, and trivia buffs who need to know what happened On This Date. This fascinating volume is packed with entries selected from Chase's Calendar of Events, including more than 2,000 celebrity birthdays, important dates from history, fixed religious and national holidays, and special days, weeks, and months. Arranged day-by-day, from January 1 through December 31, the entries are American in emphasis and include humorous days (No Housework Day, Stay Home Because You're Well Day) and sponsored days and months (National Honey Month, Great American Smokeout) that aren't found in other day-by-day historical almanacs.

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